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Top 10 Best Vaporwave Apps for IOs

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What are the best vaporwave apps for creating stunning retro effects for your photo and video editing and making retrofuturism art ? From adding a few glitches and statues to adding a synthwave beat to a video with a scratchy VCR effect, these apps by themselves will create the nostalgic aesthetic your looking for.


  1. Vapor Glitch

Vapor Glitch provides a variety of options to get you comfortable with vaporwave editing such as hazy filters, plenty of retro backgrounds, crazy stickers and word art.

Vaporwave app Vapor Glitch exampleVaporwave App Vapor Glitch example

This app does have paid services, however the options that are free are more then enough to get your photo’s mood right.


2. Groovo

Groovo is a video editor that mimics the look and feel that is in vaporwave music videos and visualizers typically on youtube.

Its key features include Editing pictures and videos with different visual effects  such as VHS, RGB glitches and trippy overlays.

The app also has a healthy range of music to add to your photo to match the mood right from within the app! Groovo also comes with a host a different features for paid members.

Edit: Groovo has decided to take down all paid options. All effects and stickers that used to be paid are free and they have decided to remove the watermark image from the finished product. They will now host a whole community of hypnotic Groovo edits.


Groovo example Vaporwave AppGroovo example Vaporwave app


3. Glitch Video Photo 3D effects

Glitch Video Photo 3D effects prides itself in being one of the most popular 3d wave art editor.

Its Features include:

  • Professional 3d Art glitches, and 3d Wave art
  • Stunning Aesthetic video filters
  • Ability to record your own voice overs

This vaporwave app is great in its free version, however its unlimited access feature is 4.99 a week, which is a bit out of range for the average consumer.

The paid version gives you unlimited access to all features including content offered for purchases within the “PicShop”.

Glitch 3D effects Vaporwave App ExampleGlitch 3D effects Vaporwave App Example


Up your aesthethic with the perfect background elements and really set the stage.


4. Pic Merge.r

Pic merge.r is the most unique photo editing app of the list.

It includes a range of powerful features that allow you to superimpose, or blend several photo layers all while enhancing them.


Pic Merge.r listed features include:

  • Overlay your photos to produce a double exposure effect
  • Add Images directly from phone camera to create masterpieces
  • Draw and erase for precise editing
  • Apply unlimited number of layers

Pic Merge.r also offers a paid subscription for unlimited access to the PicShop as well as other features


5. RAD VHS – Glitch Camcorder VHS

This app creates the glitchy camcorder effect complete with the time and date shown on typical VHS tapes. The simplicity of this program earns it a spot on this list. Just simply record your video within the app or upload it from your photos and apply the effects!

Features included are:

  • Take photos and videos
  • Add Glitches and Vaporwave features
  • Change the date
  • Create a montage and join videos
  • Squared , landscape & Portrait formats
  • Add music to video

RAD VHS Vaporwave App example RAD VHS Vaporwave App example



6. GlitchCam

Glitch cam is an app that blends some of the same elements as the other apps mentioned such as glitch art and VHS effects.

However, this app has some unique features that make it stand out from the rest of the apps mentioned.

One of the most unique features included in this app is that it blends emoji and ASCII art, which basically makes your photo  an emoji collage. Its a pretty cool effect worth checking out.

Glitch Cam Vaporwave App Example Glitch Cam Vaporwave App Example



7. R4VE

This urban photo editing app markets itself toward people looking to edit interesting album art, memes, create an aesthetically pleasing selfie or even make logos.

R4Ve Features:

  • Stylish stickers, bright filters, and fancy text
  • Ability to make custom stickers
  • Drawing tools for photos

R4ve Rave Vaporwave App exampleR4ve Rave Vaporwave App example



8. 1967 – Vintage Filters

1967 – Vintage Filters is the perfect app if you value simplicity in the photo editing experience.

This app takes a more  approach to photo editing with soft filters and even softer glitches. It makes for a interesting photo without culture shocking your photo feed.

1967 Vintage Filters Vaporwave App Example 1967 Vintage Filters Vaporwave App Example



9. FTM Image – Glitch Art Film

This photo retouch and video editor has the awesome advanced filters and stylized text as you would expect in any of the vaporwave apps. It also has image tools that allow for retouching or even breast enhancement all from within the app.

FTM features include:

  • Add face specified lighting, or smoother skin
  • Fix skewed lines and perfect the geometry of horizons or buildings
  • Achieve an edgy look with strong styles and texture overlays
  • Add Duotone Filters


ftm image vaporwave app example 1 ftm image vaporwave app example


10. Famicam 64 8bit Retro Camera with Live Effects

This Nintendo 64 inspired app will send you back in time with its iconic filters. Not only is it a camera editing app, its also a 8bit editing suite with different tools to help you get that perfect 8bit photo.

Famicam features include:

  • Drawing to pixel-sketch on your photo with different colors, effects, and retro brushes.
  • 350+ retro-inspired stickers
  • Frames to turn your photos into old game covers
  • Pokemon themes


Famicam 64 8bit vaporwave app example 1


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