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5 Vaporwave Room Decor Products to Boost your Aesthetic

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Home Decor is one of those forms of expression that can make or break the vibe to a particular space. Vaporwave Room Decor can definitely dance along those lines. Personally, I prefer to have most of my house neutral, but whenever there is a spare room, I love to go all out it terms of style.

My style changes quite frequently but one thing I notice that remains static is  soft yet intense color schemes, and a quirky feature maybe in the corner of the room. That why Vaporwave home decor is my go to quirky interior design schema I love best.

The calm yet energizing colors associated with vapor wave is sure to have any room in your home feeling electric and loose jointly. These vaporwave room decor products is sure to add a surreal chillwave vibe to your space.

1. Venus de Milo Bust Statue

Remember when I mentioned that odd quirk that I long for? This is that quirk. If you really want to start off your vaporwave room decor right check out this statue that screams Lisa Frank 420 ( リサフランク420). Being that the Roman statue is a key element in vaporwave style, it will set the mood right away without going overboard and finding space for a Macintosh.

Vaporwave Room Decor bust

Get it here

2. Neon glow sign

Here is that surreal electricity that is another important element to the aesthetic that is seapunk. At night this keeps the gradient in the room to match the aura that is hypnogogic at the very least. No vaporwave room decor is complete without this neon sign wall art.

This neon sign room decor will instantly electrify the room whilst keeping a dark atmosphere. Imagine listening to to synthwave under the soft glow of these.

VaporWave Room Decor neon light 1Vaporwave Room Decor neon sign


Get the Love Sign here

Get the Flamingo or Palm Tree here

After your lighting perfect for a selfie, you can edit your aesthethic with these cool vaporwave apps



3. Vaporwave Tapestry 80s style

This is one of my favorite items on the list simply for its versatility. It can be hung on the wall to relax the space, or thrown over the comforter on your bed for so added 80’s vibe.

It can also be used on a chair or couch as a throw and draw attention to the piece.


Get this tapestry here



4.Soft Gradient window curtain

I really don’t know how I ever got by without these curtains. I am not a fan of bright light in my room because is gives me headaches, however dark rooms tend to unproductive rooms for creative types.

These curtains let in the perfect amount of light and makes your whole room look basically like a filter. Its gradient colors are sure to soften the room and create a hazy aesthetic.

Get them here



5. Tropical Silk Palm Tree

What is vaporwave room decor with out the shadow of a breezy palm tree peeking through the glow of the curtains? Or a sharp shadow contrasted by the neon lights in the room.

The palm tree shape in general is a classic element to a vaporwave aesthetic.

Vaporwave room decor home decor palm tree 2Vaporwave Room Decor Home Decor Palm Tree


Get your Palm tree here

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